Wednesday, July 9, 2008

thing 20

I'm getting very frustrated with this "thing 20" I have tried to edit my blog, part of the message went through and lost the rest of it. I will go through the process again. I was ableto send some photo's from my picssa file on my home computer to the blog. The download of photostory keeps being blocked. I really would like to use this but isn't working. AGHHHHHH -so frustrated. At times like this I just want to quit doing this. Taking way to much time. It's time to take a break!
Also I'm no longer on the summer play list. What happened? VFW if you see this please email on school email. Thanks

thing 20

I have tried to do the podcast again. When I tried to download photostory it states "system administrator has blocked" -- I then went to my home lap top and tried it on

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

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thing 23

I have tried editing my last post to label it properly. Can't do, so all the questions are answered between thing 22 & thing 23.
My favorite thing was exposure to the avatar. I had heard about this so it was fun to do and get the exposure.

This program will be helpful in my lifelong learning journey. It is less overwhelming for a novice like me. My comfort level has increased.

What was surprising to me was that even though it was frustrating at times once I accomplished the task it made more sense.

The podcast has been very difficult for me. I still haven't been able to complete this part. I will go back again and try after finishing this part of the survey.

Yes I would probably try another discovery course.

Let's see --one word--can't do. It has been educational, potentially very useful.

thing 22

Today I played on ning. The social networking will most likely not be useful to me. It takes time and I'm from the ole school "socialize face to face"-- this is surely a generation gap or more a technological gap.

Monday, July 7, 2008

thing 20

I have tried to download photostory and it states that download has been blocked. I will try again tomorrow--maybe it will work then.